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Alec Weibe


Alec is an astute registered massage therapist who takes pride in offering a variety of treatments. He enjoys helping enhance functional movement and performing modalities like trigger point release and deep tissue techniques. Since earning his qualifications in 2023, Alec has delivered exceptional care by combining his comprehensive understanding of therapeutic massage with a dedication to customizing each session according to his clients' individual needs.

His educational background includes a comprehensive massage therapy program, and he continues to refine his skills through ongoing professional development. Alec's therapeutic philosophy is to address the underlying causes of discomfort, using his expertise to help clients achieve relief from chronic pain, enhance recovery from injuries, and maintain optimal physical function.

Within his practice, Alec creates a serene and supportive environment, ensuring that every client feels comfortable and valued. His professional approach and empathetic nature allow him to foster meaningful connections, making every treatment not just physically beneficial but also a holistic healing experience.

Dedicated to his craft and the wellbeing of his clients, Alec has quickly become a respected massage therapist, recognized for his ability to restore balance and promote health and wellness through his skilled therapeutic touch.



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