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We have protocols that MUST be followed. 

Prior to your arrival: It is mandatory to complete a covid self assessment questionnaire. You must notify the staff immediately if you experience any symptoms. If we are unable to contact you we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment. Online self assessment tool:

Appointment time: Please arrive unaccompanied. Patients and staff are required to wear face masks that cover both the nose and mouth from the time they enter the building until they leave. Please wait either outside or within the building foyer. The staff will come down to get you. Sanitizer and tissue is available. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival and departure and use tissue as a barrier to high-touch surfaces. Patient and and staff must strictly adhere to a “No face touching policy”.

All high touch surfaces and common areas will be cleaned and disinfected between patients, and before and after shift. All linens are single use only and will be laundered using high heat, detergent and bleach between each use.

Restroom: The massage clinic is not responsible for the maintenance of the public washroom. 


No guarantees or promises have been made by any of the staff that the patient may not come in contact with COVID-19 during an appointment. In the event that any member of the staff is showing signs of illness they will immediately self-isolate. All appointments will be cancelled until further notice. 

Thank-you for trusting us for your care.

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