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Michelle McEwen RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, Michelle is focused on bringing her tenacious work ethic and high standards to the table; continually raising the bar of client expectations. Whilst practicing, Michelle takes on the role of active participant, assisting the patients to achieve their therapeutic goals, thus ensuring the healing process is both honored and respected.

A graduate of Okanagan Valley Collage of Massage Therapy, Michelle utilizes modalities such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports, and Swedish techniques. Understanding the unique nature of each patient is paramount to Michelle; she can easily adapt and employ her creative skill set when selecting the appropriate techniques.

Michelle fully embraces the validity of intention, whether it is in her professional or personal life, “It is all about your intention.” 

Michelle McEwen RMT: TeamMember
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